Business Innovation & Marketing Creativity

For Nordic investors and executives that wants to launch or reinvent their business based on digital technologies Altaverita is a boutique strategy consulting firm that uniquely blends technological, business and financial know-how with creative PR and marketing ingenuity.

As opposed to traditional marketing agencies and strategy consulting firms, Altaverita understands the unique challenges and restraints of launching, or reinventing, a new business; We won't drain your scarce time and resources on ever expanding projects but instead we will quickly identify and help formulate a strategic positioning that will really matter to your ability to break through the competitive noise, finance your business and 'cross the chasm' into market acceptance and commercial success.

Altaverita was established in Sweden in 2001 and has since been engaged in the successful launch of numerous technology enabled products and businesses. Sometimes we even invest in the ventures we engage in, along side executives and other early investors.