Business Innovation & Marketing Creativity

Altaverita means The Higher Truth, and this is our philosophy and our beliefs:

Although we always stay up to date on the latest trends in technology, business models and marketing; We believe in a higher truth, beyond the common or popular views. We always keep an open mind on forming our own unbiased opinion about the past, current and future. If every reasonable logic says something should happen, it probably will too in the end - and history can usually give us a hint as to what and when.

We also believe that the foundation for creating a valuable business and brand lies in setting and effectively communicating an attractive and clearly differentiated value proposition to customers - and in consistently delivering on and above that proposition.

We believe innovation is important in developing a competitive customer value proposition - but less is more and we critically question innovating without first asking why or for the sake of innovation itself.

Finally, we believe talented people are critical in creating a valuable business - but to build lasting and realizable value, the best people should focus not on maintaining their own criticality but on institutionalizing their value in the brand, processes and intellectual property of the business.