Business Innovation & Marketing Creativity

Current engagements and holdings - Innovation studio creating disruptive, valuable businesses by combining entrepreneurs, seed capital, management experience and digital innovation skills - A digital service that helps home owners collect, store and manage all important information, documents, blue prints, maintenance instructions, etc about their home in an easy to use mobile app. - Premium ski & mountain wear fashion brand with a rapidly growing eCommerce channel strategy. - The global leader in omni channel retail personalization. - Private investment firm managing a portfolio of public and private equities, bonds and real estate.

Closed engagements and holdings - The leading European provider of behaviorally targeted and personalized advertising solutions and networks to eCommerce retailers and brand marketing firms. Sold to competitor RichRelevance in May 2013. - A consumer eCommerce business focusing on sourcing, packaging, marketing and selling gift-wrapped certificates for memorable experiences across the south of Sweden. Sold to competitor in May 2010.

Beakon Technologies - Patent holder for a thermoelectric chip that can work either as a compressor, in e.g. fridges and heat pumps, or as a generator turning waste heat - wherever it occurs - into useful electric energy, with an efficiency of up to 15x that of traditional so called Peltier Elements. Closed in 2009 due to technology & material issues, all remaining funds returned to investors.

Tactel - A software development and consulting firm focused on developing software and hardware for the telecoms industry. Sold to private equity firm 2008. 

Absalon Group AB - Developer of software for eProcurement and eCommerce auctioning web solutions. Sold to public company Izodia in 2001.