Financial models & forecasts

This is where it all comes together. Your financial models and forecasts will put numbers on all of your planned revenues and business activities - and illustrates the financial results and financing needs of your business, in easy to understand charts and tables.

Once you've described the Market Opportunity, Digital Sales Process for capturing it, and the Organization, Costs & Resources it will require - you have to describe the financial results of it all. This means designing and describing your financial model, the assumptions and drivers behind it and the results (income, profit, cash-flow) your business will generate in the coming 3-5 years - described and illustrated in logical steps based on key economic metrics of your Digital Sales Process and the Organisation, Costs & Resources required to operate it.

This may be a task that you and/or your CFO can develop on your own as long as the results are based on and aligned with the overall Business Plan Story and other components of it. But if you want us to help, here's how:

    • Format & time required: First, you take us through all other sections of your business plan story so we can understand what to model (if we've helped with with other parts of your business plan story, we already know what we need). Then, we spend time on our own, creating a complete draft recommended financial model and forecast component for your Business Plan Story, which we present to you in person as well as in written format in your Business Plan Story presentation template.
    • Deliverable: A written and illustrated recommended Financial Forecast component for your Business Plan Story presentation, including a personal presentation to you.
    • Cost: Hourly rate, plus expenses.