Market opportunity quantification

In order to convince your audience - and yourself - that going after the market opportunity is attractive enough for you to be able to build a successful business upon, you have to quantify and describe the size, value and growth of the addressable market for solving the Customer Problem - described and evidenced in fact-based, logical and easy-to-follow steps.

If you've developed a solid Product Positioning statement, the market opportunity quantification is usually down to slicing and dicing the market in logical tranches - and then to doing research in open data sources about these tranches and combining the findings to come up with the data that fits your strategy and business plan story.

This may be a task that you can develop on your own, as long as the final result is aligned to your overall Business Plan Story and other components of it. But if you want us to help, here's how:

    • Format & time required: We spend time on our own, researching the market and creating a complete recommended market opportunity component for your Business Plan Story, which we present to you in person as well as in written format in your Business Plan Story presentation template.
    • Deliverable: A written and illustrated recommended Market Opportunity component for your Business Plan Story presentation, including a personal presentation to you.
    • Cost: Hourly rate, plus expenses.