Organization & resource estimation

So, you've found a competitive product positioning and you think the market opportunity is big and attractive enough. But to understand the financial outcome of your strategy and how much financing you'll need over time, you have to plan and estimate what organisational and other resources and costs will be necessary to execute your business plan.

Once you've described the Market Opportunity and your Digital Sales Process for capturing it, you have to describe the organization, costs and other resources you'll need to execute it all. This means describing the (assumptions about the) organisation, costs and resources required to operate your business as described in the Sales & Delivery Model (over the next 3-5 years). This information is mostly needed to form the basis for the Financial Forecasts - but needs to be laid out in easy to understand and sufficient (but not too granular) detail.

This may be task that you can develop on your own, as long as the final results are aligned with your overall Business Plan Story and other components of it. But if you want us to help, here's how:

    • Format & time required: In these one to three 4-hour workshops, with you and us in front of a whiteboard, we hammer out the your draft Organization, Costs & Resources component of your Business Plan Story. Afterwards, we'll do some additional research, writing and creative illustrations, and send you a recommended Organization, Costs & Resources component for Business Plan Story presentation.
    • Deliverable: A written and illustrated recommended Organization, Costs & Resources component for your Business Plan Story presentation (if we're lacking some exact numbers from you, it may contain dummy numbers for you to edit once they are available to you).
    • Cost: Fixed price per workshop (incl preparation and follow up time), excl VAT and expenses.