Strategy so simple,

even investors will get it.

For Nordic investors and executives who are about to launch or scale a new product or business, Altaverita is a strategy advisory & communications firm that specialises in the rapid development of crystal clear strategic Product Positionings, scalable digital Sales & Delivery Models, well structured Business Plans and related Visual Support Materials.

As opposed to traditional strategy consulting, marketing and PR firms, we understand the unique challenges and restraints of launching and scaling a business; We've done it ourselves, as entrepreneurs, executives and investors in numerous startup businesses over more than two decades since 1999. So we know you need a strategy and business plan that is also easy to communicate and will enable you to make investors and other key stakeholders understand and believe in your product and business, quickly and intuitively.

Altaverita is dedicated to saving the climate - and to help You save the climate! If you represent a business that has the potential to significantly contribute to the world reaching the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, we will offer to do pro-bono work for you, free of charge. Please get in touch with us - we'd really love to get to know you!