About Altaverita & how we're different

For executives and product managers at disruptive companies, who feels they can't really get customers and other stakeholders to understand and buy into their product at scale; Altaverita is a Product Marketing Advisory Firm that helps clients find the right positioning for their product and craft a story around it that enables them to break through to mass-market adoption.

But unlike other Advertising or PR firms, Altaverita doesn’t sell production services or ad media, but is solely focused on finding the right product positioning for your product and crafting a story around it.

As a result you won't have to spend big advertising budgets, but will see and immediate increase in conversion and effectiveness from your existing sales & market resources.

Pontus Kristiansson, founder of Altaverita, is a senior strategy advisor with 20+ years experience as founder, CEO and board executive of numerous startup businesses. He started his career with consumer goods marketing company Procter & Gamble and strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Co before founding his first technology company in 1999. Pontus holds a MSc in Engineering from Lund University LTH. He is also an active climate impact investor and chairman of private investment firm Realinvest AB (www.realinvest.se). Full Linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/pontuskristiansson/

Altaverita is particularly committed to help save the climate. If your business has the potential to significantly contribute to the world reaching the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, we will offer you pro-bono services. Contact us for more information