Contact & request consultation

Altaverita is a company registered in Sweden, but we provide our services globally through primarily digital communication channels.

We offer all new clients a first, personal 1 hour 100% free consultation. Our only requirement is that you send us an email in which you:

  • tell us a little bit about your industry, business, product and the challenge you're struggling with (5-10 sentences), and

  • suggest 2-3 alternatives dates & times when you would be available for a 1-hour video call,

  • provide your business contact details (business name, adress, phone number and business email to which we can send a calendar invite).

We'll respond quickly, sending a calendar invite to a digital video meeting in which we'll ask you to tell us about your business, product and challenges - and we'll tell you how get started crafting and telling a compelling Business Story around it that you can use everywhere, even in your online Digital Sales Process.

Try us out - with a first personal 1-hour, 100% free consultation!

Altaverita AB, Malmö Sweden. SE556610014401. Email: