Your Business Story

Need your audience to stop procrastinating the decision to buy? You have to lead them to a compelling moment with your Business Story.

A well crafted Business Story will allow your audience to sit back and relax, yet effortlessly follow the intuitive logic of your story, step-by-step, until they reach their compelling "aha" moment - when they just know they want it.

Like watching a really well directed movie that builds up excitement and lays out the plot, piece by piece, ending in the aha-moment when the resolution to the plot is revealed; A well constructed Business Story takes your audience on a intuitively logical and beautifully presented step-by-step journey towards the compelling moment when they just know your product or idea is the best there is, and they want it!

Based on more than two decades of experience from launching, financing and scaling up multiple growth businesses, Altaverita has developed a success-proven methodology, art & science for how to craft and tell an effective Business Story that makes your audience effortlessly understand and be compelled to buy your product or idea.

Just tell us about your product, business or idea - and we'll tell you how to best craft and tell a compelling Business Story around it that you can use everywhere, even in your online Digital Sales Process.

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PS. If you need a Business Story about your business to tell investors; Although it typically takes both a little art & science to craft the perfect investor pitch, here's a typical outline for a business story to tell investors. DS.